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Vietbase Co., Ltd was established under the certification of business caused by the No. 0102013976 supplied by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on 28 August 04, 2004. Vietbase Co., LTD’s activities in the field of providing products and chemical products for civil construction industry, transport, irrigation ... etc.. With long experience combined with high quality products and reasonable range of materials, Vietbase Co., Ltd. is now the leading supplier of waterproofing products, construction waterproofing applications, accessories prices for concrete and mortar, bridge bearing, expansion joints ... etc..
Henkel- Germany: As a leading corporation in the world for waterproofing and surface treatment. Henkel Corporation has provided world-wide product line and dedicated system solutions to meet the needs waterproofing in the building industry. Details view at website http://www.henkel.com and http://www.henkelpolybit.com
Elkem- Norway: As one of the largest industrial corporations in Norway and cell types of industrial materials. Most prominent are highly active mineral additive for concrete Elkem microsilica (silica) effective intensity for concrete, corrosion resistance and good abrasion, especially corrosion by chloride, sulfate and chemical ... etc.. Website http://www.elkem.no/eway
Mageba- Switzerland: As a famous corporation in the world of bridge bearing product lines, expansion joints, seismic equipment and monitoring systems for bridges and tall buildings. Currently, Mageba has 7 subsidiaries, 45 branches located in the regions and territories worldwide. Mageba products are certified and compliant with European standards (EURO) and American standards (AASHTOO). Mageba products have been widely used for projects worldwide fame Website http://www.mageba.ch.
        II.2 - Vietbase’s own products:
Harmony with the development of technology in the world and to meet the best way for the domestic construction market. Background Vietnam has launched the product line of high quality as the original waterproof cement paint two polymer components, powder stiffening reinforced concrete floor, non shrink grout ... etc.. The above products are quality certified and is now widely used for projects on a national scale.
With the mission operation: Prestige-Quality-Progress. Vietbase Co., LTD  was, is and will become a reliable address for domestic and foreign clients.
Vietbase Co., LTD always responsible for the quality of goods and resources committed to guarantee their products. The imported products are of Vietbase  origin security from abroad, has been the accrediting body in Vietnam certification ensures consistent quality standards at home and abroad.