Repairing Concrete Structure

1. Repairing and finalizing the concrete structure



 Grinding, flattening concrete structure: beam, slab.

Treatment the cracking concrete



 Removing, repairing and flattening structure: diaphragm wall, excavated ưall

 Repair, permeability treatment between the diaphragm wall, local seepage treatment,offset broken wall range.

2.  Application some special details


 Waterproofing pipes through the floor

Blockage of wells to lower the water table



 Handling cable holes through walls

Waterproofing of transverse wall pipes, anchor head waterproofing

3. Application Epoxy for Structure


 Water-based Epoxy coating for structures

 Epoxy paint solvent resistant for concrete, steel


Self-leveling Epoxy 

 Harderner flooring

4. Interiol Decoration Paint



Super glossy exterior paint

Super glossy interior paint

 High quality interior paint

Common interior paint


High quality alkali resistant interior paint

High quality alkali resistant exterior paint